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first time home buyer

Attention All Beauty Professionals


If you are wondering what it takes to purchase a home or investment properties to bring you additional streams of income?


Let me walk you through the process of ownership.

I curated Behind the Chair for first-time homebuyer classes/events in the Beauty Industry because I've experienced similar struggles. I understand the feeling of being lost and the desire for stability and a permanent home. As a young single mother in the industry, I worked hard but also spent impulsively in my twenties and thirties, directing funds towards my son, luxury items, and continuous rent payments. Looking back, I realize that if I had received guidance on homeownership earlier, my journey might have taken a different course.

In 2010, I took a significant step by co-founding Spoiled Salon in Atlanta, which proved to be a pivotal decision. The salon experienced rapid growth, allowing me to expand into product development while concurrently serving 8-22 clients daily with the assistance of 2-3 assistants, and charging fees ranging from $300 to $2,000 for services. As my son matured, I recognized the need to shift my focus towards residual income and other projects. While salon ownership liberated me from exhausting hours behind the chair, my passion for transforming lives through hair remained steadfast. This commitment fuels my dedication to sharing knowledge and empowering others in the Beauty Industry to carve out their own paths and legacies.

Real estate has always been a personal aspiration of mine. When the pandemic struck and my salons remained closed while rent continued to be charged, I made a decisive move. I enrolled in real estate school, retired from being behind the chair, and redirected my full attention towards real estate. 3 years ago, after 30 successful years as a hairstylist and owner of five salons, I retired, knowing that I still had much to offer the beauty industry. Leveraging my background in beauty, I recognized its relevance in my real estate journey. People tend to trust those they know and relate to, rather than those who simply sell to them. This realization led me to bridge the gap between beauty and homeownership by introducing Homebuyer Education Classes tailored specifically for the beauty industry.


These classes will offer insights from seasoned professionals, covering various aspects of the home buying process. The classes aim to demystify homeownership, addressing topics such as navigating the home buying process, understanding mortgage readiness, and utilizing assets to enhance lives and build wealth.


For many hairstylists, barbers, and salon owners, owning a home or investing in properties represents a long-standing aspiration, a means of establishing financial stability, building equity, and securing a brighter future.

Participating in these classes provides peace of mind by equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge to confidently navigate the home buying journey. Armed with clarity regarding expectations and preparation, participants can make informed decisions, ultimately realizing their dream of homeownership and securing their financial future.

In our class we will discuss: 

  • Time to Buy

  • Consumer Education/Budgeting

  • Consumer Education/Credit

  • How to Shop for a Home

  • Reviewing a Sales Contract

  • Inspecting the Property

  • Down Payment and Grant Assistance Programs

  • Mortgage Application Process & Types of Mortgages

  • Loan Closing Process

  • Post Occupancy & Avoiding Mortgage Default

  • Fair Housing Issues

  • Estate Planning

  • Disaster Planning and Recovery


At the end of the class, participants will earn their certification of completion. This certificate can be used to help qualify for various First Time Homebuyer Programs from mortgage lenders, local, state and federal housing programs.

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Event Location: Virtual Webinar, Atlanta, Duluth & Woodstock
Date: April 2024 

Time: TBA

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